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Okay I'm going with Cute Girl for the Danny Phantom and futurama crossover story as Amy Wong alter ego and now I'm trying to decided on who to be BabyHood Gal's sidekick, I already pick a few of them to be a candidate.

Rco001 1469107254 by megabluex
Rco016 1469107254 by megabluex
Rco017 1469107254 by megabluex

I might go with Morgan Proctor because of how she act around a messy guy, like she did with Fry.

Morgan Proctor
Futurama S02E11   How Hermes Requisitioned His Gro by megabluexFuturama S02E11   How Hermes Requisitioned His Gro by megabluex
Futurama S02E11   How Hermes Requisitioned His Gro by megabluexFuturama S02E11   How Hermes Requisitioned His Gro by megabluexFuturama S02E11   How Hermes Requisitioned His Gro by megabluex

Linda van Schoonhoven
Linda Van Schoonhoven 3 by megabluex
Linda Van Schoonhoven 1 by megabluexLinda Van Schoonhoven 2 by megabluexLinda Van Schoonhoven 20 by megabluex
Linda Van Schoonhoven 18 by megabluex
Linda Van Schoonhoven 14 by megabluex

dr. cahill
Dr.Cahill 18 by megabluex

Dr.Cahill 13 by megabluexDr.Cahill 7 by megabluex

Dr.Cahill 8 by megabluexDr.Cahill 14 by megabluex

Dr.Cahill 21 by megabluex

Boobs Vanderbilt
Boob Vanderbilt 4 by megabluex
Boob Vanderbilt 3 by megabluex
Boob Vanderbilt 2 by megabluex
Boob Vanderbilt 6 by megabluex
Boob Vanderbilt 10 by megabluex


Njord 10 by megabluex
Njord 9 by megabluex
Njord 8 by megabluex

I like to thank everyone for the Faves and Watches I got so many this year I can't thank everyone.
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I have an idea for a Danny Phantom and futurama crossover story that involves the Amity Park Babies and making Amy Wong a member of the New Justice Team, but I don't know which Amy to use the one in the comic that goes by the name Cute Girl or the Sailor Amy from the Action Delivery Force. I thought up a new member for the Amity Park Babies it is that fan girl that only appear in the series once, but I need someone to draw her in her amity park babies outfit.

 Rco001 1469107254 by megabluex
Rco016 1469107254 by megabluex
Rco017 1469107254 by megabluex

 Here is her part in the new justice team theme song that I change a bit.
Fry: “Captain Yesterday!”
Leela: “Clobberella!”
Amy: "The newest member Cute Girl"
Bender: “And Super King, the best one of the four!”

Go, Go, Go New Justice
team,Team, team,
Who's the newest Justice Team?
The New Justice Team!
Captain Yesterday is fast,
Also he is from the past,
Not just fast but from the past
Captain Yesterday!

Superking has all the powers of a king
Plus all the powers of superman
also he's a robot
Aint he cool?
Superking, you rule!

Clobberella beats you up,
Clobberella beats you up,
Who does she beat up?

Cute Girl, she can fly
Cute Girl, she super strong
Cute Girl, watch her shake her super cute booty
then knock you out with a superman punch
Cute Girl you look super cute

Citizens, never fear
Crazy do-good freaks are here,
Until they run out of steam
Miracle cream,
Miracle cream,
Gives the power to the team,
Its effects wear off for sure,
So they just slop on some more,
The New Justice Team!
Go, go, go, New Justice Team
Fighting justice is their quest
Superking, Clobberella, Cute Girl and all the rest
Here's to you New Justice Team
Do the things that make your team,
Help each other do some things,
Winners don't use drugs!
The New Justice Team!

Sailor Amy by TheFightingMongooses
Action Delivery Force by megabluex

cBkfJ by megabluex
Reincarnation by megabluex

the fan girl
[]-Futurama-Season-04-Episode-004-Le by megabluex
[]-Futurama-Season-04-Episode-004-Le by megabluex
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I don't know why anyone has done it right now, to have a Lance turned into ashi, ashi looks so much like Ilana  that they could be twins, I have an idea for it if anyone wants to hear it.……………
the0d0r is doing a poll if you want him to do more diaper art vote now.…
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Baby Doll by Trumpeteer34

Patricktricks Commission- Mama Miriam by Lance-the-young

Time Out by ChadRocco

I haven't felt like writing stories or new chapters lately after what happen to my laptop a month ago, so I decided to write a new amity park babies story involving Mary Louise Dahl aka Baby Doll and her bodyguard/caretaker Mariam. That will help me get back into writing stories again.…
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Apologies everyone, I finally got all my programs I needed in my laptop, but my chapters for my stories have to be rewritten again, my requests that people ask me to do are gone as well, so it is going to take longer and I been doing over time lately again and coming home tired, I'm very sorry resend the notes that you guys request me to do.:( (Sad)     
Sad news my laptop got hack over the weekend  thanks to my dad so I lost everything on it,but we stop the hacker, we had to clean out my laptop so he had to erase everything on it.:( (Sad)  
Thanks for all the faves, I get so many each day that it is hard to thank everyone and some of them are not my watchers, so thanks you all for faving.
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I just hit 300 watchers ! and Happy New Year everyone
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their are some story requests I need to work on one is on penny proud, an oc request with the amity park babies, draw the super lady bug, and finish a character from crash bandicoot 
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